Product Review: Midori Spring Ceremonial Green Tea

I was really excited to get the chance to review  Midori Spring Ceremonial Green Tea.   Raised in the South,  I’m used to ice tea with lots of sweetener.  Hot tea always seemed fairly foreign to me.  When I moved to a climate that actually had seasons,  I started experimenting with drinking hot tea.  I still preferred iced black tea…until I discovered green tea.

My first run in with green tea vs black tea was reading an article on how green tea was supposed to help you lose weight.  It was especially helpful if it contained citrus or pomegranate.  I was struggling to lose weight after the birth of my third child.  I jumped on pretty much any band wagon that came my way.   Green tea was one I liked the best.  Hydration and appetite control?  Sign me up.

Convenience and ease of use is also a big selling point for me.  I’m used to seeping a tea bag in a cup of hot water or grabbing a bottle of pre-made tea from the grocery store.  Midori Spring Ceremonial Green Tea was my first experience with powdered tea.  I’m sure everything is powdered inside the tea bag, but I never saw it out in the open before.

Above is how the Midori Springs Matcha Ceremonial Tea comes in the mail.  It’s a cute, silver tin with a twist off top.  Inside you find powdered green tea:

There is a pop top that you must open before getting to the powdered tea.  My tin might have gotten shaken up in the mail because I got a big puff of green tea particles in the air and on my counter when I opened it.  After cleaning up, I read the directions on the back of the tin:

1/2 tsp – 3/4 tsp Matcha Powder.
60 ml – 80 ml water

Since I’ve never drank straight green tea without any flavoring, I decided for the smaller  1/2 tsp amount.  I scooped it in a cup, added 80 ml of water, and heated it up.  The final direction is “whisk till froth appears and enjoy!”

 Voila!  One of the recipes on  the Midori Springs website says to add honey.  I did to sweeten up the natural earthy flavor the green tea.  That’s the first word that came to mind from the time I opened the tin to when I had a cup of tea — “earthy.”    Overall,  the tea was a lot stronger than I’m used to drinking so I’ll experiment with the amount of tea powder vs water and additional add ins.   I’m looking forward to trying the great recipes on the Midori Springs website.

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