Product Review: Angel Baby Stroller Organizer

I received this product at a deeply discounted rate in exchange for my honest review

When I was invited to test and review the Angel Baby Stroller Organizer,  I knew it would be useful in my situation.  I’m a stay at home mom to three girls — ages 9, 7, and 2.   While my “big girls” are in school,  my toddler and I love to take long walks in the umbrella stroller.  I used to just hang my purse over the stroller handles but, eventually,  the strain was too much and my purse straps broke.  I’ve been hunting for an acceptable solution since then.   Currently,  I have a purse size diaper bag that most people don’t even know IS a diaper bag.  Unfortunately,  when I hang it on the stroller handles, it slips down and annoys my daughter.  I carry my diaper bag over my shoulder but I much prefer being able to attach it to the stroller.

Enter Angel  Baby Stroller Organizer.

Angel Baby comes in a stylish black design.  There are 3 inner pockets — 2 that look like drink/cup holders and one in the middle that’s probably good to pack a snack or perhaps a small ice pack to keep the drinks cold.  There’s a small mesh pocket in back as well as a small-ish zippered pocket. The front offers an easy-to-access open-front pocket for a travel size pack of wipes.  It does not come with wipes.  I added my own.  

I like that Angel Baby attaches to the handles of an umbrella stroller with very strong velco.   It’s not going anywhere unless you take it off!  There’s also a handy carrying strap you can attach if you decide to use it as your every day diaper bag.

Angel Baby Stroller Organizer does not quite have enough space for it to replace my current diaper bag, but I will use it whenever we take a walk with the umbrella stroller.  I recommend it if you’re looking for style and versatility.


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