Product Review: Crown Coast Heavy Duty Umbrella

My kids love umbrellas.  Sometimes they even pick out an umbrella over a toy if we’re shopping and I ask what they want for a treat.  They giggle when the umbrella pops open and twirl it while making up a song about rain.  Hey, at least they’re being creative.  I can get behind that.   Knowing they’d be excited to open that amazon package and find an umbrella inside was one of the reasons I agreed to review Crown Coast Heavy Duty Umbrella at a deeply discounted price.

Crown Coast Umbrellas come in a variety of colors.   You can choose from Blue, Dark Green (looks black in the pictures), Pink, Red, Turquoise, White, and Yellow.   I decided on yellow.  I thought it might be a bright school bus yellow in the can’t-miss-me-walking-down-the-street-in-the-rain variety. I was pleasantly surprised when the package came and it was a muted, butter yellow color.   True to form,  my kids descended on it and insisted on opening, closing, twirling, and singing about umbrellas.

Unfortunately,  my Crown Coast Umbrella couldn’t withstand the onslaught.   The great news is, when I contacted customer support about the umbrella breaking so quickly,  they replaced it free of charge.  It’s advertised that the product has been durability tested to open/close over 6,000 times.  I was very pleased that my defective umbrella was replaced so quickly with no questions asked.

Other features of the Crown Coast Umbrella include:

  • quick release auto open and close – auto open I’m used to, but auto closed?  Once I got used to pushing the button to not only open but close the umbrella,  operation was smoother and easier.
  • included storage sleeve –  this is the same color as the umbrella and keeps in neat and tidy in your purse or wherever you choose to keep it in case of rain.
  • wind tunnel tested to 60 mph + winds – this is essentially equivalent to a class 2 hurricane.  Not that I or anyone else should plan to go out in the middle of a hurricane but, if you did, the crown coast umbrella would have your back.
Overall,  I’m happy with the quality of the product and I am even happier with the Crown Coast customer support.   I recommend this product if you’re looking for a good, inexpensive umbrella to keep in your bag, car, office, or wherever you may need one.  With all the color choices,  I plan to order more than one.

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