Stock Photo Storytelling Fun

Stock Photos are awesome.  You can find almost anything to create memes, use as book cover art, website graphics, or anything else your little I-need-graphics heart desires.  I don’t know the origin of the unfaithful guy/jealous girlfriend meme, but the “intense backstory” someone created based on combing through all their shared stock photos is genius.  Take a look:

Distracted boyfriend meme backstory

That got me thinking…what other stock photo people have whole lives lived in staged photos?

Meet “Laughing Guy”, sometimes known as “Laughing Man” courtesy of Pexels.

photo of a man listening music on his phone
Listening to music on my phone? Hysterical!
man wearing red sweatshirt and black pants leaning on the wall
What’s that off to my right, your left? I’m not telling, but it’s FUNNY!
depth of field photo of man sitting on chair while holding cup in front of table
Oh work emails, you make the time pass and keep me laughing. (This cup of coffee is tiny!)
man in black shirt standing while holding drinking glass
Bet you didn’t know I had so many tattoos. Neither did my boss! Haha.

What stock photo stories can you come up with?

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