Book Review: TOMBS OF LUST by Dorit Silverman

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

First written in 1985 but only recently translated into English, TOMBS OF LUST tells the forbidden love story between a Bedouin man and Israeli woman.   It was made into an award winning movie in 2002 called “Tahara: God’s Sandbox.”  If you’re curious,  the full movie is available on YouTube.

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting going into reading TOMBS OF LUST.  With the word “lust” in the title, I shouldn’t have been surprised by the erotic nature of the story.  The main characters spend most of the novel naked, nearly naked,  having sex, or thinking about having sex.  I understand that it’s an awakening and celebration of sorts for the main character Leah.  It’s a chance to be in control of herself and her own life instead of having other people control her.  I admire the sentiment.  I’m just used to less graphic romance.   That’s not any fault of the author at all, just my own personal preference.
One aspect I really enjoyed was how Silverman alternated the chapter view point from male and female leads.   The word choice, sentence structure, etc were so uniquely Najim and Leah that it really gave a richer, deeper understanding of their relationship — especially the language and cultural barriers.   It takes a very skilled writer to successfully pull off that technique.
TOMBS OF LUST is also a very quick read.  There’s only 8 chapters total so it’s easy to read in an afternoon.  It held my attention.  I plan to watch the movie to see how it compares to the book.


Product Review + Discount Coupon Code: NESTL SHEETS

Since I signed up for Tomoson, a site where you get free and reduced price products in exchange for an honest review,  I’m mostly been doing book reviews.  I enjoy reading.  It’s a perfect way to discover new authors I may not have been aware of pre-Tomoson.   Sometimes I branch out into baby products or weight loss and supplements.  I like practical things and  NESTL SHEETS 100% soft brushed microfiber sheet set is definitely practical…and comfortable and a host of other adjectives.  After looking through the 16 color choice options,  I decided on purple eggplant   It’s a beautiful dark purple that goes well with any decor.

The sheet set contains a fitted sheet,  flat sheet, and 2 pillow cases.  I put them on our queen size Tempur-pedic bed in the master bedroom as soon as the package arrived in the mail.   We have trouble finding sheets that actually stay on the Tempur-pedic since the mattress is so tall.  The deep pockets on the Nestl Sheet worked great.   They haven’t slipped off or needed any adjusting since we put them on.  The sheets themselves are very soft, silky, and luxurious.   My kids keep trying to steal the pillow cases and burrow down into the sheets.  They all have sensory processing issues so that’s an added bonus to the Nestl Sheets that I didn’t anticipate — a material my kids can stand to sleep on.  I’m very happy with the product and plan to order at least three more sets.

As an added bonus,  the Nestl Sheet company said I could share the discount code I received.  Now you can get this amazing sheet set in the color and size of your choice for just $20.  Enter Code Z1501OFF at check out.

Product Review: Darkiron 852 On-ear Portable Headphones

I received this product at a deeply discounted rate in exchange for my honest review

When it comes to headphones,  I’ve probably tried all the varieties out there.  My ears are tiny, plus I have a conductive hearing loss in my right ear so finding the right product can be a challenge.  Ear buds never stay in and are usually very uncomfortable.  Most on-ear headphones are very bulky and lack the portability factor that is a must to pair with my tablet and smart phone.  I have one pair of foldable headphones.  They’re cute, girly, and pink…Unfortunately, they’re also old and falling apart.  I needed a replacement…but which brand should I pick?

That is one of the reasons I was so excited to test and review Darkiron 852 On-ear Portable Headphones.  I had been searching and searching for the ‘right’ product for me.  I found it in Darkiron Headphones!    Regularly priced between $17.99 and $18.99 depending on color choice,  you can choose yellow,  pink, orange, pink, or white.  Each color option is paired with a contrasting light gray upper with the splash of bright, cheerful color underneath.   The black option is black on black and the white option is white on white.  The band is fully adjustable to fit a wide range of customers.

I loved all the bright color options.  I finally decided on pink.  It was just the right mix of  fun and understated when paired with the gray.  You’ll get noticed while wearing the Darkiron 852 headphones, but not for the wrong reasons.

 The comfort level is amazing.  The headband and earphone are both lushly padded.  It feels like a pillow is wrapped around your ears and head.  The materials and construction are very high quality. The packaging is sturdy and shipping time quick.  If you’re looking for fun, comfortable on-ear headphones,  I highly recommend Darkiron 852 headphones.

Product Review: BVS Solitaire Collection

Cards games have been popular for hundreds of years.  Some (well most) require at least two people to play.

What if you want to just relax and unwind without needing to round up friends to get a card game going?  That’s

 the beauty of solitaire.  It’s just you and the cards.  With computers, tablets, and iphones you don’t even need a
real deck.  You can play anywhere, any time, as long as you have your computer or mobile device.

The game of Solitaire became popular in the mid 1700s.   It goes by many names in many countries.  Patience,  solitaire, success, Kabala (Polish for ‘secret knowledge’).   No matter what you call it,  it’s still a great game.  That’s why I was really excited to be able to try the full version of BVS Solitaire Collection in exchange for my

honest product review.  

I’ve been a fan of computer and mobile device solitaire since I got my first computer.  Back then,  there wasn’t

much you could customize besides the playing surface and card back color.  BVS Solitaire Collection takes

customization to the next level.  They have 23+ card face variations from Shakespeare,  Van Gogh, Empire, and
 many more.   The art work is beautiful.  Sometimes I found myself studying the intricacy of the art work instead of making the next move.  You can even create your own card face and back with any jpg or gif image.  Want to
 create a deck featuring your baby, pet, or favorite tv or book character?  BVS Solitaire Collection has you

covered.  The amount of game options is staggering.  The PC version boasts 476 Solitaire game options.  The ios
 version contains 260 games.   While most of the game names weren’t familiar to me,  I liked that it told me the
 difficulty level and what my chances were of winning.  When you’re learning a new solitaire variation,  the last
thing you want to do is get frustrated by playing a difficult to master game!  Starting out,  I picked games that
 were labeled “easy” with a “very high” win rate.  Maybe I’m not a great player, but I didn’t win any of them even though my chances were supposed to be high.  I did enjoy learning versions beyond the standard Klondike.  The
 cards are dealt in a very complex way that I doubt I would be able to do with a real deck of cards.  BVS Solitaire Collection takes the guess work and ‘did I deal that right?’ out of the process.  

Another aspect I really enjoy about BVS Solitaire Collection is that it’s multi-platform.  You can download the  Windows and Mac version of the game direct from the website for $19.95.

There’s a free 30 day demo version to try out.  After the trial,  you just pay the $19.95 to keep the game.   If you prefer iOS, you can find it in the Apple app store for $5.99.  There’s only 260 games versus the 476 in the PC

 version but the portability may be worth it.  I plan to get the mobile version and the PC version so I can play at

 home or on the go.  

If you like a lot of variety in your Solitaire games without being stuck playing the same variation over and over,