Book Review: UNBREAKABLE by Yaffa Golan

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

When I first was asked to review UNBREAKABLE,  I checked out the cover.  I’m the type of reader that really does judge a book by the cover.  If the cover doesn’t interest me,  I won’t check out the blurb.  If the cover does interest me,  I read the blurb,  followed by the look inside and — finally! — click buy.

My first thought when seeing the above cover was “oh what a sweet looking lady.  I bet she has some interesting stories to tell.”   Yaffa Golan’s stories about her life weren’t just interesting…they were amazing.
Yaffa grew up in poverty.  It was a tough beginning to overcome but she did — becoming a bank manager and, later, a successful business woman.  Her story takes even more twists and turns when she uncovers bank fraud and irregularities in how a non profit meant to help Holocaust survivors was reporting funds.   Through death threats and legal battles,  Yaffa never lost sight of her faith, hope and truth.  
The writing style is very personal and chatty.  I felt like I was sitting across from Yaffa as she told the stories of how she beat the odds and became the strong, determined, successful woman she is today.   Another nice thing is the book is relatively short.  My kindle said it would only take 3 1/2 hours to finish it.  I was so engrossed in reading,  that I finished it in one sitting!  I recommend UNBREAKABLE if you’re looking for an empowering true life story.   You’ll be happy you ‘met’ Jaffa.  I know I am.

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