I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

Where to start?  When I first heard of Dr. Whitening Nano Brush, I was really excited to try it out.  It looked easy to use and not time consuming like other whitening systems. You just brushed your teeth regularly and then used the special nano brush to polish the surface stains away.  What’s not to like? Unfortunately, my initial excitement was tapered by a big dose of reality once I tested the product.

The packaging is well made and compact.  I liked the solid feel and colors.  The nano brush and refills fit neatly inside.  My big issue with the packaging is the fact that someone in some position of power approved the mistake heavy directions and advertising pitch on the box.   “Use daily or every 15-20 days” and “Just add water and your on your way to a Cleaner, whiter smile” are some of the gems.   I can’t really take the company or product seriously with such glaring mistakes.

Dr. Whitening claims to be easy to use, and it is.  Just wet the nano brush and scrub at your teeth.  The brush looks and feels like a Mr. Clean magic eraser.  I felt an almost tingling sensation after use.  My teeth felt and looked very clean.   I didn’t get any dramatic results but the soda stains did seem to fade a little.

On the down side, it wasn’t easy to change the nano brush after that initial use.  After being unsuccessful opening it with my hands,  I pried the case open with a nail file.  Once open, it was easy to remove the brush tip and replace it.  I haven’t had any problems opening since the initial brush change.

Overall, I think it’s a decent product with some noticeable flaws. It doesn’t quite do what it says it does (whiten teeth) but it does make them feel and look clean.

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